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Weight loss is a result of creating a consistent calorie deficit, week after week. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. It's that simple.

Most people go about weight loss the wrong way. They believe a strict diet and killing yourself in the gym is the answer to weight loss... While that may work for the short term, this extreme change usually lasts for a short while before people go back to the regular eating and non-exercising habits.

This book will teach you the lessons I learnt during my weight loss journey. I made a ton of mistakes but always found a better and more permanent way to lose weight and keep it off as a result of those mistakes.

The secrets and strategies laid out in this book are modelled after people who have successfully lost weight and maintained that weight loss year after year.

This book teaches you how to create weight loss by balancing diet and regular exercise. It provides you tools for daily calorie deficit without spending hours in the gym. You will still need to exercise regularly for fitness and you will learn the secret to overcome the resistance to exercise as well as boosting your weight loss primarily through Indian diet.

What Are Our Benefits ?

Secrets to consistent weight loss

You will learn about the most common mistakes people make when starting out and how you can avoid them to create a long term weight loss.

Take control of your health and fitness

You will learn how to use simple techniques to boost weight loss without crash diets or extreme workouts.

Eat the foods you love

If you eat food in moderation and create a daily calorie deficit, you will lose weight even when you eat the foods you love.

7 Weight Loss Myths revealed

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My Before and After Transformation..
This could be you!

Here are some testimonials from my friends and co-workers I helped lose weight using the principles outlined in this book.

"I lost 40 pounds in 6 months following your advice... now I am using your advice to prepare for my first 5K race"

Birender S. - Charlotte, NC

"The part about fasting is what helped me the most from the book. I no longer dread having to go out to eat with friends or eating at a birthday party. Balancing the weekly calorie budget is definitely working really well for me.The clothes fit so much better and I feel so much more confident."

Shatanand D. - Washington DC

"Reading your book gave me the motivation to start my weight loss after many failed attempts. I have already lost over 3 KGs and regularly re-read your book when I am feeling doubtful."

Megha R. - Pune, India

"I liked your honest advice in the book. Although I have a leg injury that does not allow me to exercise, I have followed your diet advice and I am losing weight regularly. Understanding that most weight loss comes from a proper diet and not extreme exercise gave me the hope to continue and not give up!"

Pranav M. - Ewing, NJ

"I love the section about either-or mindset. After reading it, I realized that I have failed in the past due to this mindset. That section alone made all the difference to my approach to weight loss."

Neha K. - Delhi, India

"Understanding how weight loss works made a huge difference to me. All my friends on Facebook and keep asking me about my weight loss when I posted my new photos. Everyone wants to know what "diet" I am on..ha ha! I just refer them to your website for advice. Thanks!"

Erin P. - Greenville, SC